1. Kévin Reza is Balleur

  2. Rapha Style Doping dump! The devil is in the details. If you haven’t been to one of the two cycle clubs in the US (NYC and SF) go in and try the stuff on. You won’t ever want to wear another piece of kit. 

  3. Ryder is the epitome of style doping. Just look at that kit mash-up! 

  4. black shoes are out, white shoes will never die, but these kicks are godly. 

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  5. OPQS always dressed well. 

  7. velominati:

    Of course most of us are endomorphs, baby smooth faces, and farmer’s tans. But our legs are bronzed and chiseled works of effort that would inspire Michelangelo.

    Boonen is doped to the nines with style.  

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  8. the10speedcognition:

    Looking PRO in the winter is just as important as looking PRO in the summer. 

  9. I’ll be doing this in the next 24 hours. First ECCC collegiate stage race this weekend. Time to shred and look PRO! 

  10. Cultivate big guns.